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Scholarships Announced

Posted 18 days ago

The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation is proud to announce two scholarships that recognize and provide support for nurse practitioner graduate students who are leading the way to provide quality care and service in their communities.  These scholarships are supported through an endowed program funded by Procter and Gamble that provides a $1,000 scholarship to each recipient. 

NPHF/Procter & Gamble 2015-2016 Community Service Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes commitment to service. The scholarship is awarded to the NP graduate student who is making a significant positive contribution in school, in the community, or in inpatient care.
NPHF/Procter & Gamble Endowed Scholarship in Community

NPHF/Procter & Gamble 2015-2016 Gastroenterology Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to an NP graduate student whose clinical and/or research interests are in the field of gastroenterology.
NPHF/Procter & Gamble Endowed Scholarship in Gastroenterology

Applications are due by December 15th, 2015. For more information, please visit our website at and direct any questions to Pam Jenkins-Wallace, MS, NP, Program Director at