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MNNP Of the Year

Posted 9 months ago by Stephanie Delkoski in Nomination

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It is that time of year to nominate a nurse practitioner for the MNNP of the Year Award. The person selected will be presented with the award at the Annual Conference on November 13th.  

Award Criteria

  • Demonstrates excellence as an NP and as a role model for other nurse practitioners and the nursing profession in general.
  • Significant contribution to the improvement of care for individuals, families and/or communities in Minnesota and/or significant contribution as an advocate for nurse practitioners in the state of Minnesota.
  • Licensed as an advanced practice registered nurse in Minnesota and nationally certified as a nurse practitioner.
  • Current member of MNNP.

Nomination Process: Review the Nomination Guide & complete the nomination form. Send the nomination form and current CV/ Resume to
In addition to nominations from affiliates, colleagues, clients, administrators or co- workers, NPs are encouraged to nominate themselves.  Nominations open in January and must be submitted by November 1 of the year of the award and is awarded at the annual conference.  Nominees will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and presented to the MNNP Board for review and decision.