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Action Alert -- Contact Your MN Representative to Support HF 3989

Posted 4 months ago

Hello MNNP Members,

There is an important bill impacting NP practice that is coming up for a vote tomorrow, Monday, April 4th, in the MN House of Representatives HF 3989 which requires our support.  Please take a minute to contact your Representative with the following note.  

Thank you,



Finding and Communicating with your Representative  

1)    Go the Minnesota Legislative Website at: 

2)    Under the “House of Representatives” box look at the last line stating, “Who represents me?” Click on this box.  

3)    Enter your full address including city, state, and zip. 

4)    You will then see a list of your Minnesota and federal level representatives. Be sure to look for the Minnesota House of Representatives.  

5)    Send a brief message to your representative. You may use the following example.  


Subject Line;  Please support HF 3989 

Dear Representative XXXXX,  

My name is XXXXX  XXXXXX and I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).  I see patients at ____. I live at XXXXX  City, State, and am your constituent. I am writing today to request that you vote yes on HF 3989 which will be on the House Floor on Monday, April 4rth.  

This is a non-controversial technical bill that adds Physician Assistants to various statutes. This bill updates statute language to reflect the current practice of Physician Assistants. In addition, it fixes some APRN references by adding the term Advanced Practice Registered Nurse instead of the more limiting definition of Certified Nurse Practitioner. This bill is not a scope bill rather is a statute “clean-up” bill to align language with Practice.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or you may contact Maureen O’Connell from the Minnesota APRN Coalition with questions as well. Her email is: