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Chelsey S.

Chelsey S.

Riverview, FL


Pediatric, Acute Care, Adult, Gerontological

Clinical Subspecialties

Cardiovascular, Emergency, Respiratory/Pulmonology, Other

About the preceptor Chelsey is looking for:

Located near Riverview, FL.

Hello, My name is Chelsey, and I have been a nurse for 8.5 years in acute care. I am an FNP student at the University of Cincinnati. I am seeking an NP, MD, or DO preceptor in primary care, women's health, or pediatrics between August 2022-August 2023. Over three-semester, I will need 322 hrs of primary care, 150 hrs of obstetrics/women’s health, and 200 hrs of pediatrics. My schedule is flexible.

Thank you!